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Infiniti Al Babtain Art Gallery Event Displays Local Artists Handyworks 

Paintings depicting culture infused with authentic creativity mesmerize audiences 

KUWAIT- July 2019: Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al Babtain Co. (AABC), the authorized dealer for Infiniti vehicles in the State of Kuwait recently held its second art exhibition within the Infiniti showroom located in Al Rai.

The unique collection of paintings that decorated the showroom were installed next to the vehicles to present an artistic backdrop to the powerful and elegant Infiniti models. Distinctive in style and expression, participating Kuwaiti artists, Suzan Bushnaq, Suhaila Al Najdi, Mohammed Al-Kouh and Abdel Hamid Al Rabah showcased their masterpieces, which were filled with a blend of radiant colors and lines. The paintings depicted the Arabian culture and people, infused with calligraphy and abstract art forms.

Infiniti is more than merely a company that makes cars. It is an organization rooted in a passion to create automobiles with significance beyond their physical presence. Infiniti is a globally recognized luxury auto brand with a unique vision – one that is bold, vibrant and distinctive.

The Infiniti showroom that is conveniently located in Al-Rai area, marks the triumphant combination for the brand identity. It is given a unique character with its sleek lines and artful luxury expression that fosters privacy and makes it a true masterpiece in the region. The indoor design elements embrace the artful expression of refined power, state of the art responsiveness and ownership experience. Everything was designed to exceed customers’ expectations. From the first moment, customers enter the INFINITI showroom or service centre they will experience the sleek lines and appealing contours of luxury automobiles.

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